Wine Dinner

November 30th @ 7:30pm
$150 per person, tax and tip included.

Sawa’s unique offerings of contemporary Mediterranean and Japanese fusion dishes merge an innovative sushi menu with a memorable ensemble of tapas and entrees. Sawa Restaurant incorporates many of owner Ramzi Zahr’s favorite ideas, including serving rice in a pyramid shape to the doggie menu, but most importantly the progressive concept of westernized Middle Eastern and Japanese cuisines together under one menu.

“When we developed the menu, I did not want to pretend it was authentic. It is a fusion, meant for everyone to enjoy it. Authentic dishes do not allow for creativity and tend to become boring. Sawa’s menu gives us room to grow, change things up, and keep it interesting.”

Join us for a private Wine Pairing Dinner! Sami Ghosn of Massaya Wines is flying from Lebanon to host this magical evening. Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or a beginner, you'll enjoy the flavors, the knowledge, and the experience. You'll learn a little, and you'll taste a lot. Chef Adrian curates a five course dinner* to be accompanied by a wine tasting each course, as guests dine in the community chef's table in the garden under the stars. (*vegan option available upon advanced request. Place in reservation notes). You'll learn a bit about the wine process and what makes each wine you taste unique.

Sawa Wine Dinner
First Course

Grenache Rose

Kibbeh nayyeh, mint, radish, extra virgin olive oil

Second Course

White Blend

Grilled octopus, herb salad, saffron aioli, za'atar

Third Course

Le Colombier

Seabass samak bi tarator, almonds, pinenuts, cilantro

Fourth Course

Terrases de Baalbeck

Lamb chops with cous cous


Massaya Arak

Spiced dates, crispy phyllo, pistachio ice cream