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SAWA Restaurant & Lounge

Sawa: "Together" (n) Arabic

Located in the beautiful Shops at Merrick Park, Sawa Restaurant & Lounge opened with a sharable contemporary Mediterranean & Japanese dual-concept menu in early 2010. The menu tells a story of where the East meets the Far East, and dishes span the realm of tapas, kebabs, and sushi. In fact, Sawa means "Togetherness" in Arabic, and "Harmony" in Japanese, a perfect indication of Sawa's concept of bringing together seemingly separate cuisine elements into one great menu meant to be enjoyed and shared by everyone. While in business, Sawa has earned numerous awards and recognition for its outstanding ambiance, creative cocktails, eclectic cuisine, and chic al fresco atmosphere. Entertainment is also an integral part of Sawa's story, focusing on an upscale dinnertainment concept, as dinner guests are enchanted by live professional bellydance shows every weekend while they dine under the stars.

A Culinary Love Story

Fusion Tapas-Centric Menu

“Once upon a time, Mediterranean & Japanese cuisines fell in love, and they lived tapa-ly ever after”.

Sawa's dual-concept tapas-centric menu was created to encourage a shareable dining experience. The menu tells a story of when the East meets the Far East and the unique offerings of contemporary Mediterranean & Japanese fusion dishes merge an innovative sushi menu with a memorable ensemble of tapas and entrees. Guests can explore traditional Lebanese dishes, such as hummus, kibbeh, and falafel and expand into nouveau Mediterranean and Japanese flavors, as Sawa fuses together creative cuisine elements into one great menu.

“When we developed the menu, I did not want to limit it to stay within a common set of lines. The excitement comes when we can create something unexpected. It is a fusion, meant to be enjoyed and shared by everyone. Sawa’s menu gives us room to grow, change things up, and keep it interesting.” –Ramzi Zahr, Owner


Breathtaking Garden Side Dining and Cozy Indoor Seating

Sawa's gorgeous outdoor patio offers a luxurious dining experience as guests indulge in delicious fusion fare under the shade of the palm trees in the day and beneath the open stars at night while Merrick Park's majestic fountain dances in the background.

Sawa's intimate dining room offers a quaint and cozy refuge from the hot Miami days and the tropical Miami rain. Adorned with giant white chandaliers and colorful rustic walls, the 40 seat dining room is perfect for business meetings, private groups, or a quiet date.




360 San Lorenzo Ave #1500, Coral Gables, FL 33146
The Shops At Merrick Park
(305) 447-6555