Prefixed Menu

Lunch or Light Dinner


Menus Served Family Style

Tapas and/or

Choice Of  4

  • Tapas
    Hummus - purreed chickpea spread with pita
    Bagabanough- pureed smoked eggplant spread with pita
    Falafel - chickpea and herb fritters
    Mujaddara - rice and lentil pilaf with caramelized onions
    Grape Leaves - stuffed with seasoned rice and chickpea
    Truffle Herb Fries - parmasean
    Steamed Edamame - sea salt
    Mini Yakitori Skewars - Choose: Filet Mignon, Chicken, or Shrimp
    Dumplings - Choose: Veggie, Chicken, Pork, or Shrimp . Choose: Steamed or Fried
    Vegetarian Kibby - potato, spinach, onions, walnuts, cracked wheat, tzatziki
    Fried Calamari - crumbled blue cheese, sundried tomato, sweet chili aioli
    Kefta Fingers - on crispy patata cuzdrada with tahini
    Sauteed Chorizo with peppers and onion
    Fried Kibby - spiced angus and pine nut fritters with tahini
    Crispy Brussel Sprouts - sweet chili glaze
    Greek Naan Flatbread - feta, kalamata olives, tomato, onion, peppers
    Chicken Naan Flatbread - mozzarella, marinara, portobello, arugula, parmasean
    Margherita Naan Flatbread - mozzarella, tomato, basil, balsamic
    Croquetas de Jamon - garlic aioli



  • Sushi
    California Roll - kani, avocado, cucumber, masago
    Spicy Tuna Roll - spicy saku tuna, scallions
    JB Roll - salmon, cream cheese, scallions
    Garden Roll - assorted vegetables
    Rainbow Roll - california topped with avocado, salmon, tuna, yellowtail
    Dragon Roll - shrimp tempura, avocado, masago
    Kamikaze Tempura Roll - tuna, avocado, masago, tempura battered

Kebab Entrées

Choice Of 2

  • Half Kebabs
    Portioned for 2 Perfectly Grilled Half Kebab Skewars per Person. Served with choice of 2 sides: Basil Almond Basmati Rice, Cranberry Walnut Mint Couscous, Herb Fries, Sauteed Veggies, Maison Salad, Caesar Salad

    Chicken Breast Kebab - garlic aioli
    Filet Mignon Kebab - tzatziki
    Salmon Kebab - cilantro Aioli
    Seasonal Vegetable Kebab - sweet chili glaze
    Angus Kefta Kebab - tahini


Comes with All Listed

  • Dessert
    Comes with both:

    Thai Donuts with Condensed Milk
    Sweet & Sinful Chocolate Souffle

*Tax and Tip Non-Inclusive. %20 Gratuity will be Added to all Parties. Billed According to Final Head Count Given Minimum of 24 Hours in Advance.