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“ We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit ” -Aristotle

SAWA Restaurant & Lounge is now hiring for all FOH positions. We are a trendy restaurant and lounge located in the heart of the Village of Merrick Park. We have breathtaking outdoor dining with two element-inspired lounges as well as an artistic, vibrant, indoor dining room. Our menu offers a dual-concept Mediterranean/Japanese cuisine. We serve food, hookah, cocktails, and offer live belly-dance entertainment every weekend. SAWA means Togetherness in Arabic. This is the basis and the energy behind our entire existence.

SAWA Restaurant & Lounge opened its doors March of 2010. We’ve had great success so far and are looking to expand our family. We are looking for very specific requirements to fulfill our open positions. Those who do not meet these requirements need not apply. Below are the descriptions and requirements listed for each position. Before applying, please thoroughly read what your desired position would entail and make sure you are willing and able to perform what is required. This is a great place to work and positions with our family are coveted. We recommend you come prepared being able to tell us something about Mediterranean tapas, Japanese cuisine, and Hookah.

We also recommend you visit our Facebook page and/or our website to get a feel of SAWA’s vibe and concept.

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Available Positions

SERVERS: Minimum 2 years experience. Our servers are our sales people. They must be creative, knowledgeable, and believe in the product they are selling. As SAWA has a great “product”, this is not hard to do as long as enthusiasm is applied. Servers are here to provide not just table service but the entire SAWA experience to the guest. They must take the guest on a journey, introduce them to our concept, walk them through our eclectic menu, read each guest and anticipate their needs. Our guests encounter many exciting offerings and servers often have the privilege and opportunity to expose them to some things they have never experienced before. This is an opportunity that every server needs to be able to take advantage of in order to provide the guest with an unforgettable experience. Above all our service staff is a team, and if you are not a team player, you cannot play on our team. The qualities we look for are Responsible, Friendly, Enthusiastic, Personable, Detail Oriented, and Concerned with the guest’s experience. Must be able to work in a fast paced environment. If you are applying for the position we recommend you come prepared. Research the basics of our company. Come being able to tell us something about: tapas, Japanese food, hookah, and wine.

FOOD RUNNERS: Minimum 1 year restaurant experience. Our food runners have the privilege of introducing our customers to their plates and seeing the look on the guests face when they take in the beautiful presentation of our exciting food. They do not simply drop plates off but rather are important in providing guests with the SAWA experience. They must be able to announce the plate as they are delivering it to a guest, anticipate the best view of the plate as it should be placed in front of a guest, be able to identify and eloquently describe the plate, and take the time to make sure the guest is content before leaving the table. Our food runners must be able to balance between two worlds; working with urgency in the fast paced and sometimes hectic environment of the kitchen and then seamelessly transition into a pleasant calmness in the presence of the guests. Food runners are expected to learn and know the menu well, must be organized and very detail oriented, must be able to communicate well with kitchen staff, servers, and customers, and must be able to work in a fast paced environment.

BUSSERS: Our bussers are the quiet but strong undercurrent that moves the restaurant floor. They don’t simply clean tables but rather play a very important role as assistants to the servers in providing the guests with a great experience. They absolutely must be able to work with speed and a sense of urgency. They must be able to pay attention to details and anticipate the guest’s needs on behalf of the servers. Bussing is a physically demanding position, as bussers must be able to lift and carry buss-tubs full of dishes, move tables, and set up-and break-down the restaurant. Slow-pokes and lazy-bums need not apply. Bussers need to be able to communicate well with both the servers and the guests, and must have a helpful and willing disposition.

HOST/HOSTESS: Calling all social butterflies! The hostess is often the first point of contact between the guest and the restaurant. The hostess must love people and know how to talk to them to get them in the door. They must be professional, courteous, patient, very outgoing, and have a natural knack for selling. They must be detail oriented and have an over viewing attentiveness to what is going on with guests and tables at all times. The hostess is expected to dress stylishly with class and provide detailed information to guests in a friendly and appealing way. They should be able to provide an overview of our restaurant to the guests in a way that makes SAWA irresistible for them. They must maintain reservations, floor plans, cover counts, and be able to greet and engage with every customer. The host must be a multi-tasker.

BARTENDERS: The bartenders have a deliciously amazing recipe list to work with. They must be able to build a lasting rapport with customers and create a following. Our bar at SAWA is unique, greatly reviewed, and offers specialty drinks that require time and care in making. They must care about the product’s quality and being able to follow the recipes to the “T” so that our guests favorite drinks taste the same each time they enjoy it. This person must be willing to work under the direction of the bar manager and adapt to SAWA’s bar policies and procedures. A basic wine knowledge is preferred. We are a team at SAWA and at our bar we have a motto: “Make it happen”. If you like to do everything you can to “make it happen” for our customers, you are the bartender we are looking for.